Privacy Policies

Handling of personal information

St1 Finance Ltd handles personal data in compliance with the binding Personal Data legislation and legislation governing Payment Institutions. St1 Finance Ltd always operates in compliance with the requirements set for payment institution secrecy and privacy protection.

Personal data is processed in order to provide and develop tasks and services related to payment institution and operations, as well as to specify and identify the data subjects for the purposes of administration of contact information, risk management, direct marketing and offering targeted services to customers, and attending to the storage, reporting and inquiry obligations subject to statutory regulations and instructions and regulations and instructions by the authorities etc.

Phone conversations are recorded and e-mails saved in an effort to confirm their contents when necessitated by circumstances or the service situation. Regulations governing payment institution secrecy and data protection prohibit the disclosure of data in the St1 Finance´s possession to outside parties without the permission of the data subject, unless otherwise decreed by law.

Personal data is collected from persons entered in the customer data file or their representatives, from public registers maintained by authorities, registers containing information on payment defaults, and other reliable sources. St1 Finance Ltd also uses personal credit information if the nature of the service or product so requires. The credit information is obtained from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s or Bisnode´s credit information register.

Within the restrictions of legislation St1 Finance Ltd is allowed to, disclose personal data regarding the data subject to and obtain such data from a company which belongs to the same domestic or foreign group or economic interest consortium as the bank. Data may also be disclosed to authorities. Personal data may also be disclosed in conjunction with a corporate arrangement or acquisition to a counterparty, if the disclosure of information complies with the purpose of handling the personal data.

The data subject has the right to check the personal data recorded, to demand that incorrect or insufficient information relevant to the handling of the matter be corrected or supplemented, or to demand that unnecessary or dated data be removed. The data subject also has the right to prohibit the use of their data for the purposes of direct marketing or other corresponding means of marketing. The data subject must contact St1 Finance customer service in order to make such demands. The personal data file referred to in the Personal Data Act can be obtained from St1 Finance Ltd website.


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